X2F® Brings
Unparalleled Versatility
to Injection Molding

The X2F® system decouples melt and delivery functions so the screw is designed primarily as a pumping auger to flow the material into the mold.

Unlike X2F®, the conventional injection molding system relies on the screw to both shear melt the material and plunge it into the mold cavity. That combined process introduces numerous limitations and restrictions.

With the X2F system, materials are prepared to their optimum melt flow viscosity without screw movement and devoid of reliance on shear energy to melt the material. This allows both the preparation and the delivery to be independently optimized to the material and the product and not compromised by the trade-offs of the combined process.

Virgin Plastic
Bio-based and
Organic Materials
Inorganic Filled
Metal Injection Molding
(MIM) Feedstocks
Co-Mingled Plastic Waste

Virgin Plastic Polymers

Shearing of polymers results in inconsistent heat distribution and generally causes super heating of some of the material resulting in degradation of physical properties.

X2F®’s patented injection molding process brings materials to the manufacturer’s specified temperature, and a homogenous melt flow viscosity, eliminating many defects so common in the injection molding process and minimizing shrink and sink.

Bio-based and Organic Materials

Frictional forces and excessive temperatures can be particularly destructive to organic materials. The precision of material preparation and delivery of the X2F® system allows for broader use of bio-based materials in medical device, drug, food and other markets requiring enhanced material performance.

Inorganic Filled Materials

In conventional injection molding, higher loadings of inorganic fillers such as glass, carbon, and various minerals ultimately inhibit or interfere with shear heating.

Since X2F® prepares material in a static state, the electrically generated energy flows around the insulator, which does not inhibit uniform melting. Coupled with a controlled delivery to the mold cavity, the X2F process can run significantly higher loadings of material fillers and opens new material possibilities to designers.

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Feedstocks

High loading of metal, generally above 70%, inhibit shear heat generation which ultimately dictates the loading level. With X2F®’s static material preparation, significantly higher concentrations of metal can be efficiently processed on standard machines.

Co-Mingled Plastic Waste Streams

Due to the extreme forces generated in the conventional process, materials of differing melt flow indices want to separate under pressure and “flow with their own kind.”

The X2F® system eliminates this problem by preparing materials in a static state and delivering them to the mold in a controlled manner, ensuring the materials remain mixed. This capability opens an entire new field for reclamation and reuse of co-mingled waste plastic currently destined for the landfill.

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