About X2F®

X2F® is a disruptive and transformative technology.

The X2F Injection Molding Machine Drive Train

Technological innovations are most often incremental improvements on an existing technology. The injection molding process is no exception. Modest innovations such as enhanced controls and hot runner systems have been developed but the primary process remains unchanged since 1956. By contrast, X2F® represents the rare occurrence when a truly disruptive technology transforms an entire industry!

Consider the transformation the digital camera brought to photography. The outer shell might look the same, but the inner workings were transformative.

  • The cost of capturing and processing photographs dropped dramatically
  • The time between capturing the image and reviewing became instantaneous
  • Auto focus and instant feedback simplified the process and improved quality
  • Individuals (with no formal training) were unleashed to experiment and enjoy
  • Entire products and supporting supply chains were obsoleted
  • And other markets (medical imaging) and applications (cell phones) were transformed

X2F is starting with a game changing alternative to conventional injection molding machines, but the full impact to manufacturing goes well beyond our starting point.

Reed Sarver

Reed Sarver


Mr. Sarver has over 30 years of global industrial technology experience. His experience spans a broad spectrum of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, power generation, automotive, steel, petrochemical and food & beverage.

Prior to X2F, Mr. Sarver has served as President of Pall Aeropower/SVP of Pall Corporation, CEO of StrionAir (acquired by United Technologies) and most recently as President and CEO of Zolo Technologies (acquired by Danaher). He has extensive management experience leading the development and adoption of disruptive technologies in a wide range of organizations ranging from large complex multinational companies to early stage venture backed entrepreneurial initiatives. Mr. Sarver holds a BSME from Michigan Technological University.

Rick Fitzpatrick

Rick Fitzpatrick

CTO, Co-Founder & Inventor

Rick began his career in the injection molding industry as a tool designer and mold maker. He advanced to Vice President of Engineering and Sales responsibilities for injection molding companies serving industries such as; medical device, consumer electronics, automotive, sporting goods and other industrial markets. This hands-on experience gives him an in-depth knowledge of the injection molding process and its inherent limitations and disadvantages.

For the past 15 years Rick has dedicated his life to the invention and development of our patent pending technology. He is the consummate inventor/entrepreneur with a gift for challenging the conventional wisdom and “thinking outside the box.” Coupled with his relentless commitment to his vision and personal perseverance, he has invented a game changing technology which will redefine the molding industry.

Ron Leach

Ron Leach

Chairman and Co-Founder

Ron began his career in engineering and operations management roles in various types of plastic processing, manufacturing packaging for industries such as; medical device, food, consumer products, automotive and other industrial markets.

He advanced to General Management positions and for the past 15 years has served in President and CEO roles for public and private equity owned companies. Most recently he led Tegrant Corporation a $500M protective packaging business which was a portfolio company of Metalmark Capital until its sale to publicly traded Sonoco.

Ron excels at defining a market focused strategy and competitive positioning, aligning the business structure to deliver growth and attracting talent to execute on the strategy.

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