This new breed of injection molding machines features transformational, patented technologies that can be leveraged by any user even if they have never molded plastic before.

X2F® Drives Product Innovation and Manufacturing Efficiencies.

X2F®’s patented technology breaks virtually every paradigm of the conventional injection molding process. By decoupling the preparation of molten material from the delivery of the material into the mold cavity, the X2F machine lets you offer your customers limitless flexibility in product design and delivery.

If You Can Imagine It, The X2F® Machine Can Mold It!


Lower-Cost Solution

Lower costs–upfront
and ongoing

X2F® machines cost less to purchase, less to tool, and less to operate, requiring less-skilled labor and less training. Plus, it operates on 110V or 208V single phase power and uses just 0.5 – 1.5 KW/HR. The traditional work center cost structure is radically transformed.

Unparalleled Versatility

Plastic, metal, bio-based
and highly-filled materials

Get uniform and optimum melt flow viscosity—without material degradation. X2F® uses electrically generated heat to directly heat materials to the precise recommended temperature in a static state, without shear inducing screw movements.

Uniform Part Density

Uniform and repeatable
pressure to all cavities

X2F® molding systems eliminate the massive pressure spike experienced during the Stage 1 injection cycle of the conventional process. Our patented technology builds to the desired pack-and-hold pressure and the dynamic feedback system provides real-time monitoring to ensure the target part pressure is achieved and held.

Molding on Demand

Molding flexibility
to meet changing demands

Stop compromising part production to accommodate the conventional molding machine! X2F®’s patented technology features static material preparation and this means no purging at start-up. With a 5 minute warm up the X2F machine molds parts continuously in competitive cycle times or when you want them, on demand!